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Tasbulk: Supporting Agricultural Innovation with Refrigerated Potato Storage Solutions

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Tasbulk was recently approached by an agricultural business with a unique request: to provide refrigerated containers for trialing the storage of seed potatoes. Their objective was to keep bulk loads of seed potatoes dormant for an extended period under constant temperature and humidity control. We were excited to take on this project and support their innovative agricultural practices.

The Challenge: Controlled Storage for Seed Potatoes

Storing seed potatoes for extended periods requires precise temperature and humidity control to keep the potatoes dormant and in optimal condition. The agricultural business needed a reliable solution that could maintain these conditions consistently, ensuring the quality and viability of the seed potatoes.

Why Tasbulk?

With a long history of serving Tasmania’s agricultural sector, Tasbulk has the expertise and equipment needed to meet specialised storage requirements. Our refrigerated containers, or reefers, are designed to provide precise climate control, making them an ideal choice for this project.

The Solution: 20ft Reefer Containers

To meet the needs of the agricultural business, we provided a couple of our 20ft reefer containers. These containers were equipped with easy-open personal access doors, ensuring convenient and secure access while maintaining the necessary climate control. The key features of our reefer containers include:

  1. Precise Temperature and Humidity Control: Our reefers are designed to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level, essential for keeping seed potatoes dormant and in optimal condition.

  2. Ease of Access: The easy-open personal access doors allow for quick and convenient entry, making it simple for the agricultural business to monitor and manage their stored potatoes.

Organising the Delivery

We coordinated closely with the agricultural business to arrange the timely delivery of the reefer containers. Our strong relationships with local transport operators ensured a smooth and efficient delivery process, allowing the business to start their storage trial without delay.

The Result: Successful Storage Solution

The 20ft reefer containers provided a reliable and efficient solution for storing bulk loads of seed potatoes. The constant temperature and humidity control ensured that the potatoes remained dormant and in excellent condition, supporting the agricultural business's objective and contributing to their innovative practices.

Looking Ahead

This project highlights Tasbulk's ability to deliver tailored solutions for specific agricultural needs. Our refrigerated containers offer unparalleled reliability and functionality, making them ideal for a wide range of storage applications in the agricultural sector.


Tasbulk's collaboration with an agricultural business to provide refrigerated containers for potato storage showcases our commitment to supporting innovation in Tasmania's agricultural industry. By delivering precise and reliable climate-controlled storage, we helped ensure the success of their trial and the quality of their seed potatoes.

At Tasbulk, we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our clients across various industries. If you require specialized storage solutions, trust Tasbulk to deliver with expertise and dedication. We are here to support your agricultural innovations with our high-quality refrigerated containers.