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Your Attention Please!

Beware of scams in our industry


Unfortunately, our industry has become a target for scammers aiming to deceive individuals and businesses out of their hard-earned money. These fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, often setting up legitimate-looking websites, paying for advertising, and even misusing real businesses' ACN/ABN numbers.

Please stay vigilant and never purchase a container or asset without inspecting it in person. Many victims report finding online ads offering containers at prices that seem too good to be true. Remember, shipping containers are a global commodity with fairly consistent pricing. It's highly unlikely that any company can offer a standard container at significantly lower prices than others.

If you are unsure about the person or company you are dealing with, please feel free to contact us and we can help to verify authenticity.

Protecting Yourself:

Verify the Business: Ensure the legitimacy of the business by requesting their current business registration certificate, liability insurance, and proof of bank account ownership. Look for proof of a full address, a publicly listed phone number, Google location information, Facebook business profiles, mentions on third-party sites, and reviews. Ensure they have a website address.

Call the Publicised Number: Verify the business has a published Australian phone number. When you speak with them, assess if they sound legitimate and ask plenty of questions about their locations and containers.

Check Email and Website Addresses: Legitimate businesses will not use Gmail or Hotmail accounts. Their email and website will reflect their business name and end in

Payments: Be cautious of businesses that accept bitcoin as payment. Consider using payment methods that offer protection or can be reversed if necessary. Check with your bank for advice on secure payment options.