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Transportable Building and Shipping Container Transport

When placing an order for a Tasbulk Shipping Container or Transportable Building, there are a number of things to consider prior to organizing the delivery to your site.

Things such as truck type, obstructions, weather, ground conditions all play an important factor in deciding the best option to receive your container. Below we'll run through a list of options and considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Rigid Tilt Tray Truck

The most common and preferred method of delivery is using a rigid tilt tray truck, which closely resembles a standard tow truck. This truck mechanically tilts its tray to angle the container or transportable building before carefully sliding it off while moving forward at a very slow pace.

Given this method of delivery, it is essential to inspect the area for any overhead power lines, trees, and other obstacles that might interfere with the tray's ability to tilt upwards.

Hi-Ab Crane Truck

A Hi-Ab Crane Truck, equipped with a powerful integrated crane, is ideal for lifting and transporting heavy loads such as shipping containers and transportable buildings. The crane, mounted on the truck, can operate within a radius of approximately 10 meters from its center. This capability makes it especially useful in tight spaces or when placing the load beyond simple ground-level areas.

For handling transportable buildings wider than 2.4 meters, it is crucial to use a spreader bar. This bar prevents the structure from being crushed by evenly distributing the weight across the slings during lifting. It is important to ensure that the delivery site is free of obstructions such as overhead wires and nearby structures to allow for the crane’s full range of movement and safe operation.

Semi-Tilt Tray Truck

A Semi Tilt Tray truck is specifically used for handling larger loads, such as 40-foot shipping containers, transportable buildings over 8.4 meters in length or multiple smaller units. This truck features a long, robust tray that tilts to slide the load off onto the delivery site.

When using a semi tilt tray, the truck positions itself, then gradually tilts the tray at an angle, allowing the container or building to slide off smoothly while the tray moves forward slowly. This method is particularly effective for delivering large structures safely and efficiently.

As with other delivery methods, it is vital to check the delivery area for any potential hazards such as overhead power lines, trees, and other obstructions that could interfere with the operation of the tilt tray. Ensuring a clear space is crucial for the safe unloading and positioning of the load.

Semi Side-Loader

A Semi Side Loader Truck is widely utilized for transporting and handling 40-foot shipping containers. This truck is equipped with powerful side-mounted lifting cranes that can lift heavy containers from the side, making it highly effective for loading and unloading in areas with limited space.

During operation, the side loader lifts the container parallel to the chassis of the truck and securely lowers it directly onto the ground. This method of side lifting allows for precise placement of containers, even in confined locations where other types of delivery trucks might not be able to operate.

For safe and efficient use of a Semi Side Loader, it’s essential to ensure that the area around the delivery site is clear of obstructions such as other vehicles, structures, and overhead wires. Proper clearance guarantees that the side loaders can extend their cranes and maneuver the container without any restrictions.

Flat Deck and Franna Crane

A Flat Deck Truck paired with a Franna Crane is an excellent combination for delivering equipment to hard-to-reach areas. The flat deck truck provides a stable, open platform for transporting large and heavy items, including containers and site offices, while the Franna Crane, can be used to lift these items off the back of the truck.

The Franna Crane is a mobile crane, which means it can travel with a load. This feature is particularly useful in locations where other cranes might be restricted by space or terrain. After the flat deck truck positions itself near the delivery site, the Franna Crane can then lift the load directly from the truck's flat deck and place it with precision.

When planning to use a flat deck truck with a Franna Crane, it is crucial to ensure that the delivery area is free from obstructions like low-hanging wires, small trees, and tight corners to allow for safe and effective operation of the crane.