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Container Modifications

Do you require a unique solution for your business?


At Tasbulk, we offer more than just container supply. We specialize in modifying, customizing, and providing additional features to ensure a seamless transport and storage solution tailored to your specific needs.

Our facilities are equipped to transform standard 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers into bespoke units perfectly suited for your application. Our in-house design and engineering team is adept at incorporating a range of functional attributes to enhance security, convenience, access, organization, comfort, and versatility. Modifications can include the installation of doors and windows, container extensions, custom paint jobs, and the addition of features like ventilation, insulation, air conditioning, and electrical setups.

Additionally, we offer a variety of accessories like secure locks and lockboxes, shelving systems for efficient equipment storage, and internal lockers and cabinets for enhanced organization within the unit.

For highly specialized equipment, we can also consult with our suppliers to check the feasibility of manufacturing in one of our factories in Asia. We handle a wide array of modifications — simply discuss your needs with our sales team, and we'll work to deliver the perfect solution for you.


  • Lockboxes

    We can install a custom 6mm steel security lockbox on the doors of your shipping container.

  • Roller Doors

    Custom sized roller doors can be installed in the walls of your container, or even replace the doors.

  • Personal Access Doors

    Personal access doors are readily available to be installed making for easy pedestrian access.

  • Windows

    We can install fixed frame or sliding windows of a custom size into your container.

  • Painting

    We have the ability to respray your container both inside and out using a marine grade paint.

  • Power

    Power outlets can be added to your container to really transform it into a functional space.

  • Air Conditioning

    We can install a split system A/C unit in your container to assist with the climate control.

  • Insulation

    Our highly skilled team can insulate your container with EPS insulated panel to regulate temperature.

  • Shelving

    The ability to add shelving and benches to your container makes organization a breeze.

  • Ventilation

    We offer multiple ventilation options that can be fitted to assist with air circulation inside the containers.

  • Sign Writing

    We have the ability to engage our highly skilled contractors to sign write your containers.

  • Lighting

    We're able to install a variety of lighting solutions inside your container to brighten the space up.