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Shipping Container Grading

One Trip, Cargo Worthy, IICL, Furniture Grade: What does it all mean? Here at Tasbulk we simplify all the industry terms to help you make a decision as easy as A, B, C!

Differentiating between new and used shipping containers.

Welcome to Tasbulk's Container Grading System, our unique method of ensuring quality and transparency in every container transaction. At Tasbulk, we understand that the needs and expectations vary widely among our clients, whether they are looking for brand new or pre-owned containers. That's why we've implemented a rigorous grading system that categorizes each container from used to new.

Every container that arrives at our depot undergoes a meticulous quality check to assess its physical condition, functionality, and suitability for various uses. This process not only helps us maintain high standards but also allows our customers to make informed decisions based on precise, reliable assessments. Choose with confidence, knowing that Tasbulk provides clarity and quality you can trust.

Newbuild "One Trip"

Our premium "one-trip" shipping containers are designed for those who need high-quality storage solutions. Built in partnership with our trusted factory in China, these containers are sent on a single journey to Australia, ensuring they maintain their excellent condition. As they have only been used once, primarily for the transport from China, they arrive with minimal wear, typically free from any major dents or structural issues.

While it’s possible they might show minor scuffs or scratches from handling at ports, these are superficial and do not affect the container's functionality. We make these one-trip containers a central part of our hire fleet, confident in their condition and performance. When you hire from Tasbulk, you’re getting a container that's not just functional but also clean and secure, free from leaks, holes, and structural deformities. This makes our one-trip containers ideal for a variety of uses, ensuring you receive top-quality equipment for your needs.

"A" Grade

Our A-Grade shipping containers offer a fantastic balance between quality and value. These containers have undergone light use and feature minor cosmetic imperfections. Externally, they may exhibit some scratches and minor dents, with minimal to no surface rust, maintaining a good overall appearance. The interiors are well-kept, with a few noticeable dents and some marks or scratches, none of which affect the container's functionality. The container's roof remains straight and structurally sound.

The flooring, made from durable plywood, shows signs of use with some stains and dents that are typical of freight containers. Despite this, the floor remains sturdy and suitable for all types of cargo. The doors of our A-Grade containers function reliably; they lock securely and open smoothly, ensuring easy access while keeping your stored items safe.

Choosing an A-Grade container from Tasbulk means selecting a product that combines secure storage with excellent value, perfect for clients who need dependable solutions without the need for a brand-new unit.

"B" Grade

Our B-Grade shipping containers are an excellent choice for those seeking a functional and economical storage solution. These containers have been well-used, exhibiting minor surface rust and dents along with minor wall patches, which are typical signs of their active past.

Inside, the B-Grade containers feature a fairly straight roof, with noticeable marks, scratches, and a few dents that reflect their usage history. The interior may also include a small wall patch in some cases.

The plywood flooring inside shows signs of wear, such as stains and occasional patched repairs, yet it remains sturdy and capable of handling significant loads. The doors function properly, locking securely and opening with some effort, which may feel a bit tight but still serviceable.

Opting for a B-Grade container from Tasbulk provides a balance between cost and functionality, making it ideal for those who need dependable storage without the expense of a newer unit.

"C" Grade

Our C-Grade shipping containers are ideal for those seeking functional storage at a lower cost, accepting significant wear as a trade-off. These containers show extensive use with visible surface rust, multiple patches on walls and roofs, and are dented throughout.

Inside, you'll find the containers are heavily marked and scratched and contain the occasional patched wall repairs. The plywood flooring is stained and dented, with some areas also patched, ensuring it remains functional.

The doors are operational; they can be locked but may be tough to open and close, which is typical for containers of this grade.

Choosing a C-Grade container from Tasbulk is perfect for budget-conscious customers needing basic storage without concern for cosmetic flaws.