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Tasbulk: Crafting a High-Security Storage Container for Security Specialists

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When a well-known security contractor approached us at Tasbulk for a customized high-security storage solution, we were eager to tackle the challenge. Although a standard 20ft container is already extremely secure, their requirements called for specific enhancements to ensure easy access without compromising security. Our skilled fabrication team rose to the occasion, delivering a solution that exceeded expectations.

The Challenge: Enhanced Security and Accessibility

Security contractors handle sensitive and valuable equipment, necessitating storage solutions that provide both robust security and easy accessibility. The contractor needed a storage container to house and charge a large amount of radio equipment, requiring not only high security but also significant electrical capacity and climate control.

Why Tasbulk?

With a reputation for quality and reliability built over four decades, Tasbulk is the go-to provider for customized storage solutions in Tasmania. Our expertise in modifying containers to meet specific client needs ensures we deliver solutions that are both practical and secure.

The Solution: Customizing a 20ft Container

To meet the unique needs of the security contractor, our team implemented several key modifications to a standard 20ft container:

  1. Custom-Sized Steel Door: While the standard container door is secure, easy access without compromising security was crucial. Our fabrication team designed and installed a custom-sized steel door on the side of the container. This specially designed door provides enhanced security, making it significantly harder for unauthorized individuals to gain access.

  2. Electrical Outlets: Given the need to store and charge a large amount of radio equipment, the container required extensive electrical capacity. We installed at least 12 double GPOs and an additional 3 quad GPOs, ensuring ample outlets for all the equipment.

  3. Climate Control: With the high electrical output, heat generation was a concern. To address this, we installed an over-specced Fujitsu split system. This robust air conditioning system helps regulate the temperature inside the container, preventing overheating and ensuring the equipment remains in optimal condition.

Organizing the Delivery

Leveraging our strong relationships with local transport operators, we ensured a smooth and timely delivery of the customized container. Coordination with the security contractor allowed for seamless integration into their operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

The Result: A Secure and Efficient Storage Solution

The custom high-security storage container provided the contractor with a secure, accessible, and climate-controlled environment for their radio equipment. The combination of a custom-sized steel door, extensive electrical outlets, and advanced climate control system ensured that their valuable assets were protected and ready for use at all times.

Looking Ahead

This project underscores Tasbulk's ability to deliver tailored solutions for even the most specialized requirements. Whether for security contractors or other industries with unique needs, our customized containers offer unparalleled security, functionality, and reliability.


Tasbulk's collaboration with a leading security contractor to create a high-security storage solution highlights our commitment to quality and innovation. By addressing the specific needs of the contractor, we delivered a container that provides both enhanced security and practical functionality.

At Tasbulk, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations. Our expertise in customized storage solutions ensures that we can handle any challenge, providing reliable and efficient solutions for diverse industries across Tasmania. If you have a specialized storage need, trust Tasbulk to deliver with precision and dedication. We are here to support you, safeguarding your valuable assets with our high-quality storage solutions.