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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

You (the hirer) are responsible for insuring the container.

We recommend placing timber sleepers or concrete blocks under the container to keep it a minimum of 100mm off the ground. This allows air circulation under the container and helps prevent rust and rot developing on the underside of the container, especially in damp areas. DO NOT place the container directly on bare damp ground.

Generally we use a sliding tilt tray vehicle where the container slides off the back of the truck and the truck drives out from underneath the container. You must nominate to us if you want the container doors facing the back of the truck or facing the drivers cab of the truck.

No. Second hand equipment is sold ”As is / Where is”. Purchaser is responsible for ensuring they have inspected the equipment and they accept the equipment in its current state of repair.

Our minimum hire term is 30 days and we have no maximum hire term.
If you are intending to hire for a couple of years or more you should really consider purchasing the container.

No. We either hire or sell our containers. If you wish to pay it off a bit at a time, contact a bank or other financial institution. You can buy the container you have on hire at the market rate of the day.

Only if it has a valid CSC safety approval plate.

On a brand new container a CSC plate lasts 60 months.
On a secondhand container that is deemed in satisfactory condition by an inspector, the CSC plate will be valid for 30 months before once again requiring inspection.

Yes you can, but it will be at the rate indicated on the hire agreement.